surpass Fine Art Paintings Gallery assign The gallery displays sample portions of each Fine Art Painting Tim Eaton has created. аlign Double-click the square image to go to see a larger, full-view image of the work in color. All fine art paintings are for sale currently, except for the ones with a “SOLD” indication (those paintings are here for informational use only). All paintings offered for sale can be purchased through PayPal. Please go to the CONTACT page to ask for any information you require for the images. Gallery Pages    Pg 1  Pg 2  Pg 3   Pg 4

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hop over to this website 1-18 x 24 Oil on Canvas Evening Marsh


4-tZBv7eSSt8N9OjhA1CVe-SQ – See the full image of the painting.

5-JFdT3NHJNy4MmpDb8ggcK0-SQ – See the full image of the painting.

10-Triptych – Far and Away

11-Dories in the Mist