Far and Away

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04-Logging Trail


BFA from University of Vermont. Studied two years at the National School of Decorative Arts in Nice, France
Lifelong student of the masters.

Low tide


Training the visual memory:
It is all very well to paint what you see; it is much better still to draw what you only see in memory. There is a transformation during which the imagination works in conjunction with the memory. You only put down what made an impression on you, that is to say the essential. Then your memory and your invention are freed from the dominating influence of nature. That is why pictures made by a person with a trained memory are almost always remarkable works.

Dories in Mist


Following over 20 years of field study using plein-air water-color techniques, the artist brings this experience into the the studio without photographic back-up as a point of reference, but with memories of a cultivated visual  past. This is the basis on which the works are conceived.  

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