conceptualize ART FROM WITHIN Fine Artist Tim Eaton has been painting scenery for as long as he can remember. The works he produces are from recollections and imagination. Though he studies nature through the use of digital photography, there are never any photos near his easel. He is able to do this after spending many years travelling and painting “a la plein air” in far away places such as France, Italy, Turkey and China. This approach finds its premise in a quote, which hangs in his studio, from the famous French impressionist painter Edgar Degas on training the visual memory. inspect THE GREAT DEGAS SAID:

“It is all very well to copy what you see; it is much better to draw what you only see in memory. There is a transformation during which the imagination works in conjunction with the memory. You only put down what made an impression on you, that is to say the essential. Then your memory and your invention are freed from the dominating influence of nature. That is why pictures made by a person with a trained memory are almost always remarkable works.” ARTIST’S APPROACH

Mr. Eaton’s landscapes capture poetically harmonious moments in the natural world. Through years of trial and experimentation he continues to discover fresh ideas, compositions and a variety of techniques all with the intention of creating visually appealing works to inspire a distinct emotional connection with his viewers. Most of his work is executed on archival linen or other durable substrates using high quality oil colors created to resist damage by sunlight and other environmental conditions for many lifetimes.

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He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Vermont. He spent a full year under the instruction of Richard Whitney who at the time was the youngest member of the Boston Guild of Professional Portrait and Landscape Painters. Subsequently, he spent two years studying  at the National School of Decorative Arts in Nice, France.


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